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        UV absorbents
        Papermaking Chemicals
        Pharmaceutical Intermediates
        About Us

        Shandong Wuyang Chemical Co,.Ltd. (former Dezhou Xinda Chemical Co., Ltd.) is a share-issuing enterprise that it is engaged in the production of fine chemicals and custom-made chemicals. It is also Appointed by Chemical Ministry of China as the manufacturer of phosgenation products.It is the member unit of China Dye Industry Association.It is the drafting unit of Direct Red 23 of national standard. Our company has CNY160 million of assets, and 320 of the staff members and total 200,000 square meters of lands of three producing areas. Our company has a annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of phosgene with the production history of 40 years over of phosgenation products.Our company produces more than 20 kinds of products from six series at present. They are the organic acyl chlorine, organic chloroformate, dyestuffs and intermediates, ultraviolet absorbents, medical intermediates and paper chemicals. The products are extensively applied to the industries such as medicine, pesticide, papermaking and print and dye, etc.
        Our company is located between the Capital City of Beijing and the provincial capital of Jinan. The Dezhou Station of Beijing-Shanghai express railway is within the territory of Lingxian and it’s only 5 kilometers away from our company.
        President, Junxiang Zhang, and General Manager, Guowen Xing are sincerely wishing to cooperate and develop with the knowledgeable people and friends from all walks of life by hand in hand for the future.


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